Our Team

Chris MacGregor

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is a former British Army Colonel and Head of Communications with 25+ years of leadership experience. He is a Fellow of RSA, strategist, futurist, author & innovator.

Jochem Herber


Jochem has 15+ years of experience in international marketing, management and higher education. He has lived in four different continents and has a broad intercultural experience. Jochem holds a MSc in Communication and Organizational Sciences and a BBA in Marketing.

Erin Liman

Chief Design Officer

Erin is a strategist & social innovator; Evidence-based solutions through multiplayer problem framing, systems thinking, collaborative foresight, storytelling, and design.

Sachin Shah

Engineering Architect

Sachin is a Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 tech specialist, startup advisor, CTO, ex-Accenture senior software engineer & former Accenture consultant.

Thomas Samai

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Thomas is an experienced software developer and Network Administrator with a demonstrated history of efficacy, intelligence and reliability. Skilled in several programming languages including Python and Java and can pick up any languages as needed.

Friso Hakkers


Friso is a UI/UX designer in the web 3.0 space. He has heavy involvement in multiple startups & projects. He has lived in five different countries continues to work as a digital nomad.

Hannah Lind

Content Writer

Hannah’s background is in education and managing bereavement services. She has taken her drive for empathy and connection and is now applying it towards ethical communication practices.

Joshua Scott

Community Manager

Josh is a Web 3, tech & creative business enthusiast. He connects and builds bridges everyday. He went to United Nations International School of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pranay Shrestha


Pranay has an expertise in design thinking, sensemaking, systemic thinking, digitization and climate change. He holds a Masters in Social Innovation for Sustainable Development.