At the core of Cordial World is DIAL.

DIAL is the fuel for the Cordial World ecosystem, the utility token for accessing our data sharing services worldwide. There will only ever be 25 million DIAL available. 


Cordial’s mission is to build a decentralised Data Trust ecosystem, accessible by all, in which data can be shared and rewarded fairly in secure marketplaces. We remove the obstacles and the inefficiencies in today’s Data economy by using a new cohort of powerful technologies, broadly referred to as Web 3.0.

Medium of Exchange

DIAL token will be the main medium of exchange for services and assets on the Cordial Data Trust marketplace. Individuals, businesses, organisations, and governments will use DIAL for data services and the issuance of data collected from tickets. Every transaction on the Cordial Network will require some involvement of DIAL token.

Means of payment for access to data and data query

Network participants will provide access to their datasets via Data Trusts in exchange for tokens. Gathered data will be structured and resold by data vendors or repositories. Thanks to the availability of micropayments, DIAL tokens are perfectly suited for data sets and transactions that involve multiple owners within.

Means of voting

Network participants will have the opportunity to directly interact and vote on decisions brought forward via the community using DIAL.

Means of reward

Network participants will be rewarded for maintaining the network in the form of DIAL. e.g:

- Staking

Individuals will be able to stake and earn DIAL tokens as Cordial Liquidity Pool providers.

- Data Mining

Individuals will be able to earn DIAL for participating with our Data Trusts

- Loyalty Points

Access to discounts, new or limited features.


With a total supply cap of 25 million DIAL, new tokens cannot be minted beyond the Token Generation Event. Cordial has worked to ensure longevity of the DIAL token through strong token utility for buying and selling knowledge, digital scarcity, staking incentives and premium platform access.

DIAL token distribution

Key Data

Token Ticker: DIAL
Tokens Created: 25,000,000 Tokens Sold Seed Stage: 3,000,000 Tokens Sold Private Sale: 750,000 Tokens Released at launch: 1,250,000

Token Allocation

60% Ecosystem and liquidity mining - 11,250,000
2% Pre-seed - 500,000
10% Seed - 2,500,000
12% Team - 3,000,000
2% Advisors - 500,000
2% Partners - 500,000
4% Cordial Fund - 1,000,000
3% Private Sale - 750,000
2% Initial Liquidity - 1,250,000
2% IDO - 500,000

Cordial World DIAL token vesting schedule

If you are interested in joining our seed round, please reach out here. Alternative you can reach us on our social channels and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information surrounding DIAL.

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