Our Vision

We believe every person on the planet should be able to participate and share equitably in the bounty of the
21st century knowledge economy. Current economic models benefit large businesses instead of the people
who contributed the knowledge.

Exploitative intermediaries with data-centric business models now act as value extraction machines.
These ‘middle-men’ generate massive wealth for their shareholders, but also perpetuate income inequality
and social exclusion, destabilize democratic institutions, sow mistrust, and put at risk the foundations of
global peace for which our previous generations have fought and died.

Through Cordial World, we want to help restore trust, remove disparity and reward creative collaboration fairly.
We envision a world in which everyone is empowered to share their perspective and lived experience to
solve local and global issues; in return, they are recognised and rewarded fairly.


Fair reward

Solving problems

What the founder says